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How To Make A Monkey Puppet

Puppets are a great way for children to use their imagination while playing. This monkey puppet can be made with supplies that you have already available around the house. Basic sewing skills are needed, but easy enough for an older child to complete on their own with

How To Applique Letters

When it comes to improving the look of lettering for shirts, scrapbooking or just about anything else, learning how to appliqué letters is a great craft and skill to have access to. It is a rather simple, straight forward task to do this, you just need to

How To Choose Pottery Clay

Pottery is an excellent hobby to take up, as it is a soothing past-time which hones ones artistic sensibilities, and may even provide one with a small but simple means to profit. However, most individuals that have their interests bent on pottery often find starting the hobby

How To Make Pottery Vases

Handmade pottery is an expensive decoration for the home. With many artists offering tutorials and DIY lessons online, homeowners are becoming talented potters themselves. The key to making exquisite pieces of pottery is following the right instructor. They’re the perfect gifts and can add integrity to any

How To Make An Origami Shirt

Origami is a fun art form that turns an ordinary piece of paper into a compelling and different looking 3D object. Having the skills and patience to fold a simple piece of paper into a completely different shape is magical. It takes some practice and a little

How To Paint Watercolour Landscapes

When it comes to painting your own watercolor landscapes, the most important thing you need to remember is practice. Any kind of artistic creation you make is not simply going to be easy to do, especially if the medium is new to you. Watercolor is a very

How To Make An Origami Crane

First you will need a perfectly square piece of paper. You can use standard paper but if you are new to origami, origami paper is recommended. You can find origami paper at most arts and crafts store. Origami paper is usually only colored on one side and

How To Draw Using Charcoal

Drawing with charcoal presents some special circumstances that have to be navigated in order to have a successful work of art. Charcoal can be dusty, and it smears really easily. To traverse this problem, the correct equipment will be necessary. Dust control will be a necessary component

How To Make A Book

There are many ways to express one’s feelings. Many people choose to write to express their emotions or ideas. This could be a collection of poems, songs, inventions, or any number of other written works. Arranging and keeping these original works is best done in the form

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